Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sharing A Moment

Prioritizing your life sometimes means putting things aside so you can focus on what's important.  The last few months, what’s been important to me is family.  You can’t be there and expect to succeed if you are only giving part of yourself.  Some things require your full attention; otherwise, you may never see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I have a growing young man and loving husband who are my priority, and need me.  Knowing I am valued and wanted is an amazing feeling, one I will never take for granted.  I never want to be that person who’s physically there, but mentally doing something else.  Yes, we all need a little me time.  It helps us to evaluate our current place in life, and it lets us determine what is making us happy and what is dragging us down.  Me time is awesome, but don’t lose sight of the fact it’s not always about me.
So, what I’m babbling on about is this.  I can’t write when I’m constantly thinking about other things.  It makes the writing crappy, I forget half the things I wrote the day before, and I just don’t enjoy it because I easily lose focus.  Therefore, the last few months have been about winning my control back.  Finding the Erin that isn’t afraid to kick ass and take names.
The best news is that I’ve found her again, but this version is much better.  I know that tears don’t make you weak; I finally accept that I am not always going to have the answers, even though that sucks to admit, and I have more than a handful of people who are in my life for the long haul and have proven I can lean on them.  I’m not a social butterfly, happy staying home and watching a movie.  I hate that sometimes I have to put bullshit like this out there so that you don’t think I’ve given up and I’m not writing anymore.  I love that at least one person is going to read this and relate.

I’m back to writing, at my own pace, and hope you all stick around for the ride.  Remember, what drags us down doesn’t define who we are.  It’s the ability to get back up, face those low moments head on, and take back control.  Some people may only remember you for the lows, but I see the highs in my son’s eyes and smile, I feel the love from my family and friends, and I definitely feel the weight lifted off my shoulders knowing I’m not alone.