Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why doesn't the dog get it?

Not understanding why my dog looks at me like he is the one with an issue.

I go down to the kitchen to find my husband a bit perturbed. I ask him what's wrong and he looks at the dog.  I glance around and don't see the DunkinDonuts' box anywhere.  I ask my husband how many did he buy because our son is complaining that he only ate one and wanted a second.  My husband was nice enough to tell us that it didn't matter anymore since Jackpot, our dog, knocked the box off the counter and decided to sample each one that was left.

Now, I go into the kitchen to make lunch and Jackpot is staring at me, waiting for a treat to be thrown his way (habit).  I only got one Boston Creme this morning so I'm not seeing a treat anytime in the near future for him.