Monday, March 3, 2014

Here's a new book for all to check out!

What every girl wants…a manipulating boyfriend, hidden powers and to find out the only person you trust explicitly is hiding the truth.  

After witnessing her parents’ abduction when she was 13, Regan O’Rodaigh turned to the one person she could always count on, her Grandmother.  Gram teaches Regan the important things; what it takes to be strong, independent, and that you should always trust your gut.  So seven years later Regan's life seems to be on track as she is going to college, dating Sam, the campus hottie, and has the most amazing best friend, Jackpot.  If she could just manage not to be such a smart ass life would be perfect…but according to who? 

It takes a year of dating for Regan to finally realize that Sam is not her future.  The problem with that is Sam won’t let go.  He believes she is the key to him ruling in a world that Regan never knew existed.  What does Regan do when apparently nothing is what it seems and she doesn't know who to trust?  She gets ticked off, follows her gut, and gets ready to take anyone down who steps in her way.  

Jake has never been in love.  That is until he meets his newest assignment and wants nothing more than to be the man she wraps her arms, and hopefully her legs, around at the end of the day. He will protect her with every power he has but can he avoid having his heart broken in the process.