Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lesson 101 to self-publishing a book.

Edit...then publish. OH! I swear I knew that but the excitement shrunk my brain. 

I finally got past the excitement of writing a book and did the right thing and paid someone to edit it. This way when you say...shouldn't there have been a period or comma there? I can simply say...blame my editor. 

My wonderful Editor, who definitely gets my dry sense of humor (his is worse) liked what he called "Chick Lit" and finished editing my book, line by line by line by line. He claims I have a phobia to commas. We argued over this but he wins since he is Welsh. So although everyone so far has enjoyed my book, despite the fact that my grade in all those English classes should have been lower, it has been properly edited. 

I have currently completed 21 chapters to the 2nd book so I might just meet the deadline I put on myself, End of April. I have beta readers signed on to let me know what will need work and Geoff the Grammar Nazi will gladly make the corrections before I put it out there. 

I have submitted, for the love of God, I hope, the final edition of "Gift of Sight" on Amazon today so it will be available starting tomorrow morning. Of course Smashwords has it right now.   Since they are who I am using as a publisher, they will get the right copy in your hands, through all the right channels, within the next week or two. 

Where it will be available...Amazon, B&N, KoBo, Sony, Apple, Diesel, Flipkart, Oyster, Scribd, Page Foundry and Library Direct. When Google Play has their webpage up and running It will be available there as well. 

Thanks to everyone for being patient. I will keep you posted on the 2nd book. Erin Manbeck-Gifted Trilogy